Brian Bengert

Sports and Recreation Lead

Brian graduated with a Masters of Architecture in 1991 from the Technical University of Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University) and began his career working on Community Recreation projects. Over time, he was fortunate to join Joe Tkalcic in creating a practice – Architecture| Tkalcic Bengert (Arch|TB). Arch|TB specialized in Sports and Recreation projects under Brian’s leadership. Upon completing the Rogers Place Arena for the Edmonton Oilers, Arch|TB was acquired by Stantec, with the intent that Brian lead their employee complement of over 33,000 in the development of a Sports and Recreation department. Over the past three years, Brian was engaged in this role as Stantec’s Sports and Recreation Sector Leader, and he oversaw the entire Sports and Recreation portfolio for North America and Europe. During his tenure with Stantec, Brian significantly improved Stantec’s ranking in Sports and Recreation to the 9th best ranked Sports and Recreation Firms. While Brian is proud of this accomplishment, and was pleased to have the opportunity to undertake this task, a strong desire to get back to the smaller more service-oriented approach that he and Joe had developed as Arch|TB was ever present. Because of this drive, Joe and Brian have recently started up their new Firm: TBD Architecture + Urban Planning. The new Firm is Client-focused and delivers cost-effective solutions to Clients for a wide range of project typologies.

Whether the project at hand is a Fire Station for the City of Edmonton, a Community Arena in Morinville, or a School in Cold Lake, Brian enjoys the Client interaction, the problem solving, and the rigour that goes into every TBD project. He is proud to say that the projects that he and his team has worked on have produced many great long term relationships with Clients… whether they have stayed in contact to go fishing, watch a football or hockey game together, or just to call to talk about their Grandchildren and their sports endeavours together.

Brian’s career has focused largely on Sports and Recreation projects, as well as a variety of Civic and Educational projects, all ranging from small-scale studies to large projects such as Rogers Place Arena for the Edmonton Oilers and the Stanley Milner Public Library for the City of Edmonton. Brian has worked on projects across the globe, including Dubai, UAE; New York and Miami in the USA; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, and Barbados; and, of course, locally throughout Western Canada. Brian enjoys working with Clients to achieve their successful outcomes on projects of a wide variety of scales and typologies.

Sports and recreation are about making memories and having fun with family and friends… on a typical weekend, you’d probably find me watching the Oilers with my wife and kids or cheering on my grandchildren as they kick their first soccer ball. My drive to design meaningful, accessible, and exciting sports and recreation facilities is motivated by a true passion for sport, but also by the desire to share this passion with my family and with the community. I consider myself lucky combine sport and architecture in such a meaningful way.