Firms evolve, but people are constant.

Brian Bengert and Joe Tkalcic have formed a Partnership which has a deep history, going back over 25 years.

Brian and Joe were originally Partners in Architecture|Tkalcic Bengert (Arch|TB), and were fortunate to have the support of great Clients and a staff of over 70 employees. This Firm was purchased by Stantec – a large, Multidisciplinary Firm – with the intent of bolstering the Edmonton Alberta office. Joe Tkalcic was Stantec’s BCSL (Otherwise known as a Sector Leader) for the Edmonton office, and Brian Bengert was given the task of starting the Sports and Recreation Sector for North America which became, in effect, their world-wide Sports division. During that time, Brian was able to take Stantec’s Sports Division to #6 in rankings world-wide for Sports and Recreation.

While this challenge was exciting and rewarding, Brian and Joe decided to re-create a local Firm in Edmonton with an emphasis on high quality service. Brian continues to focus on the Sport, Recreation, and Civic sectors of architectural work. Joe, while leading the Edmonton office and the Multi-family, Commercial and Cultural sectors of work, also wanted to step back to once again provide a Client-focused and project delivery-centric Firm. Brian and Joe are pleased to be joined by Matt Roper, who was a Principal at Stantec and is well known for his strengths in Design and Project Delivery. Matt has been involved in small- and large-scale projects, from renovations of Aquatics Change rooms and a wide variety of Studies to leading the $270 million Lewis Farms Recreation Centre for the City of Edmonton.

Our Leadership is committed to providing design excellence and the highest level of project delivery. We are constantly taking steps to improve on all aspects of a project every time we undertake a task for our clients, whether large or small. Our team has experience in a broad range of project typologies and experiences that help us assist Clients in delivering excellent projects, both on time and on budget.

Our work has taken us to a variety of locations, from Western Canada to the United States of America, and overseas to Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. We have reached as far as Dubai and bring all that expertise to every project we touch. In the end, we are proud of the Clients we have met, made friends with, and worked side by side with to support projects that enhance their environments, and hopefully enrich the lives and businesses of Clients and their communities.

Let’s build something together