Greenview Regional Multiplex

In 2006, our team (then Architecture|Tkalcic Bengert) completed a Community Needs Assessment with RC Strategies (The Valleyview
Community Needs Assessment). This assessment was intended to measure the regional community demand for recreation, arts, culture, and leisure facilities. Our final recommendations within this report indicated the need for an indoor aquatics venue, among other programmatic infrastructure. Based on support for this facility, our team explored and presented options to the Town of Valleyview and the County that would foster community and become a memorable space for the families of the Town of Valleyview and the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16. The final facility, which was completed in 2018, includes central gathering spaces, an aquatics centre, a field house, child play area, two large, multi-purpose studios, and a running track on a separate level with expansion areas for fitness.